Rangers – Never been a better time to support the Gers!

Rangers 2-0 Scottish Cup victory over Celtic contrasted with news of a new breakaway Super League, but it’s never been a better time to be a Bear

The end is upon us, the apocalypse is nigh, repent and accept the saviour Ivan Gazidis into your heart and soul lest ye be left to rot in the pit of non-super league sport. You, like me, have probably heard more than your fair share of doomsday prophecies in the last 24 plus hours. Unbelievably, in a year in which we’ve had a global pandemic, it’s footy that has dirtied the nest to such an extreme degree with the masses – and I can’t say I necessarily disagree.

Now, if you’re a Rangers fan, this last 24 hours have also been coloured by the sweet taste of victory over Old Firm rivals Celtic in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, condemning the Hoops to their first trophyless season in an age. Two extremes all in one day, the best of football and the absolute worst, showcasing just how important the game is and how lucky we are to be Bears.

Nonetheless, the impact of the “breakaway 12”, the clubs who have decided to form their own invite only super league aka money printing competition, is felt just as strongly north of the border. This is a warning shot across the bows for the sport as a whole, a tale of what can happen when money, power and influence all go unchecked.

You see, football is a fan sport. Rangers, of course, are no strangers to the financial end of it all. After bankruptcy we ended up wedded to that unlovable cretin Mike Ashley, an owner who until yesterday was well known to be the most despised in English football. The light blues worked hard to free themselves of his clutches and the reward is self-sustained independence and a harmonious relationship with the fans – all too happy to step into the funding void through programs like MyGers.

For years there has been talk of Rangers and Celtic “breaking away” from the Premiership and joining the Premier League itself. Such a move was ill-advised before and simply unthinkable now, but the pressure for such a move will only increase in the event the “big six” actually do take their leave from domestic competition.

And what would be in it for the clubs in question? Money, of course. Much, much more money. Money talks and it’s the driving force behind the Super League and a proposed Scottish/Premier League combination. With money comes growth, on the pitch and off it, but if recent events have taught us anything it comes with far too many caveats to be worth it.

Rangers have done well to pull themselves out of the financial mire, build under an objectively incredible manager a squad of fantastic players and do the impossible – beat Celtic at the game and in the league they perfected. Our stint in the Europa League was cut too short for our liking this time round, but there’s so much potential there it’s insane. Players will leave, of course, but the Gers are building something long term and shouldn’t be tempted outside of that plan.

In the end, the Super League may well be the death of football, the end, the apocalypse, for many fans who only ever had the Premier League, the Serie A and La Liga in their lives. For Bears though, the future is right here with Steven Gerrard and the lads. Our most important season, perhaps ever, keeps on delivering beyond wildest expectations – and this train shows no signs of stopping. It’s never been a better time to be a Rangers fan. We are the people!