Red Imps manager praises Rangers as the best in Scotland

Rangers Europa League opponents tonight have praised us as the best in Scotland, time to live up to the hype…

Everyone loves getting praise, some more obviously and overtly than others, but it’s a pretty universal thing. Of course those with low self-esteem have that inner conflict of trying to rational their poor view on themselves with the words they are hearing to the contrary – but, ultimately, psychology tells us, have a part of themselves which enjoys commendation.

So look, I don’t want to brag or seem haughty, but I’m going to skip the denials and go ahead and say I agree fully with Lincoln Red Imps manager William Amaral. Ahead of his side meeting Rangers tonight in the Europa League, in Gibraltar, Amaral stated the Gers were the best side in the Scottish Premiership and, of course, Steven Gerrard is the best manager in the same.

As quoted by the Daily Record;

“We know we’re playing against the best team in Scotland, against the best manager in Scotland.

They are ranked first in the league with a record of no goals conceded. We know who we’re facing.

For Gibraltar, it’s a massive game.

But it’s just one leg so we have a very good chance. We need to show a lot of courage and be motivated.

This is why football is special – moments like this when a big team plays a small team.”

Always rated Amaral. Displays a keen eye for talent and excellence, clearly. Jokes aside, it’s not really that shocking a statement by any measure. Rangers are top of the table and haven’t shipped a goal in 7 out of 7 matches played this season so far, compare and contrast to Celtic who can’t buy enough ex-Premier League players to keep out St Mirren’s D team.

Further, the Light Blues amazing form has been recognised by the SPL, with Gerrard named Manager of the Month for August and Ryan Kent scooping Player of the Month. So yeah, it’s not just Amaral and I who have noticed.

His words, however, should serve as a warning for Rangers. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. We’ve talked before about how the Lincoln Red Imps dethroned Celtic from their throne of arrogance only a few years ago in the Champions League, beating them 1-0 at home before losing in the return leg. However, in the COVID-19 era there is only single round elimination rounds, so the Gers need to win tonight.

Now of course, the Red Imps are vastly the underdogs, but they will be up for it, make no mistake. Their hunger and desire to win will more than compensate for their lack of technical ability, believe me. Gerrard has warned his players of this, but it can’t be emphasised enough – do not underestimate your opponents and, even more so, don’t start believing the hype.

In any case, it’s nice to hear praise and I know I’m enjoying retweeting the above article as many times as possible. Our current run is historic, but the aim isn’t the journey but the end goal. Rangers need to keep their eyes on the prize, title number 55, and leave everything else for when that’s been reached. For now though, it’s hard to deny it feels good to be recognised as the best team with the best manager in Scotland. We deserve it.