Rangers: Morelos is unsurprisingly not going to Leverkusen

Yet more transfer links between Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos and clubs have appeared and been quickly shot down, we look at why this keeps happening

Cutting corners is something we’ve all done in the past, heck, it’s something I’ve managed to do today alone. It’s not always the best policy, of course. That old comic of the Captain of “SS Rational Decision Making”, handing over control of the brain to the “Instant Gratification Monkey” sounds bizarre but that’s literally how it works, sometimes. Time is limited and saving it is apparently ingrained.

While for you and me cutting corners is like a cheat code to be used sparingly, for the mainstream sports media it’s the entire game. You’ll never see any greater example of this than during the footballing transfer window, I assure you. You can point to any broadsheet and see examples where links between clubs and potential signings are plucked literally out of the sky – with connections as tenuous as “Player X was spotted wearing green socks” which is, at least, an upgrade on those articles that give no rational reason at all.

Alas Rangers are stuck in their own perpetual transfer saga hell, with one Alfredo Morelos. We talked about the Columbian striker a few days ago and wished it would all just blow over, but with the international break – and the media unable to fulfil their contractually obligated commitments to pump out content – it just won’t go away.

The latest club allegedly lining up for Morelos was, you guessed it, Bayer Leverkusen. The link of course being, they sold a player to Chelsea so they’ll want to replace him and, never mind he plays a different position, Morelos is available so we’ll go with that.

We at Inside Ibrox didn’t touch this one, for obvious reasons, and were justified because within a day it transpired Leverkusen had absolutely no interest in Morelos. The denials from the German media, BILD, Kicker and others, was so resounding that it’s clear there never was a basis for suggesting Bayer ever looked in Rangers direction to plug the gaping hole on their right wing Kai Havertz left behind.

Nothing would be easier than to cash in on Morelos, he’s not playing football for us right now and we’ve just signed two new players in his position

Of course, there’s another side to it all. Our dear neighbours in green took notice of this and grasped the opportunity to have a pop at Rangers, suggesting somehow this was both wishful thinking on our part and evidence that the media isn’t biased against us. The instant gratification monkey having an absolute field day over there.

The fact is that want-away players, all of them, are going to get insane speculation regarding their future. It’s morbidly fascinating to the readers on either side – one gets to imagine £20+ million, being delivered in cash money, arriving for a player that wasn’t playing anyway and, the other, gets to imagine how much of an impact said player will have at their club. It makes sense for the media to pump these articles out frequently, and pump them out they do.

Hoops fans drawing attention to how Alfredo continues to sit on, do nothing but draw attention to how resolute Rangers are on his price – ultimately a sign that the Blues don’t have the financial issues said fans want to think they do. Nothing would be easier than to cash in on Morelos, he’s not playing football for us right now and we’ve just signed two new players in his position, but we don’t need to have a fire sale.

In the end, it seems certain Rangers aren’t shipping Morelos off to Leverkusen. Another club added on the list alongside Porto, Lille and Leeds, the latter being the only one to actually show enough genuine interest to table an offer or two. Doesn’t seem like it’s any skin off Steven Gerrard’s nose and it shouldn’t be off ours. Maybe if he sticks around he might be instrumental in winning the 55, who knows? Now wouldn’t that be something to write about.