Rangers: Ryan Kent wants to stay at Ibrox, for now

The transfer saga surrounding Rangers winger Ryan Kent and a potential move to Leeds United shows no sign of abating, but recent rumours point in Rangers’ favour.

If I was on Death Row and asked what I’d like as a final request, assuming Messi and the missus find the Glasgow weather a bit too much, I’d ask for a seat, a TV and a Sports channel covering the football transfer window. My goodness, does everything just drag on and on and on. By the end of what would seem like an eternity, I think I and half the other people watching would be ready for the rope.

I hate transfer sagas. There’s just something unquestionably awful, insidious even, about what they’ve turned into. The media, desperate to fulfil contractually obligated content requirements, literally pluck stories of “this player, to that team” out of thin air. BS’ing, as you may know it. In many cases, interest may be there but is broken off early on, but yet the media persists and will beat the horse to a slow, painful death. The drama from it all is simply unbearable.

Once again we’re sitting down to talk about Ryan Kent because, and I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, he has both stated he wants to leave Rangers and wants to stay at Rangers in the space of one day. Leeds United, fresh off the tails of a laughable £8million offer for the Gers winger, reportedly came back with a new, Scottish football record £14million bid.

On top of this, supposedly Marcelo Bielsa’s side are willing to throw £50,000 in Kent’s direction on a weekly basis as compensation for having watching his side-to-be get given the run around by Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea et al.

Tempting, for club and player, you’d think? Though within hours of the news breaking that both former and latter had taken the bait, the news broke that actually they had done the exact opposite. As quoted from The Scottish Sun;

“Kent fought to force through his £7m switch from Liverpool last year and is keen to stay at Ibrox so he can pay back the Anfield legend for the faith shown in him.

SunSport understands Kent is furious at one online report south of  the border which claimed he was desperate to leave the Premiership for England’s top flight.

Leeds gaffer Bielsa is unwilling to give up the fight for a player he  rates highly.

However, Gerrard is now more confident of keeping the winger, who has been Gers’ best player so far this season.”

The reaction was predictable, if not a little sad. Legions of Leeds fans descended on the internet to question how a player could deign turn them down in favor of a “farmers league”. I mean, clearly Bielsa, famed for threatening Newell’s Old Boys supporters with a hand grenade when they lost 6-0, sees something in Kent despite the fact he’s playing against farmers, but let’s ignore that for a moment.

The fact remains no different today than the last time we talked about this. Rangers want to keep Kent, Kent wants to stay at Rangers. He’s not for sale and doesn’t want to be sold. But well…everyone has a price. If the rumour of £14million in transfer fees and £50k per week is credible, it may be approaching enough for one, or both, sides to seriously consider it.

The only final word is Stevie G who insists he’s not for sale and honestly, that’ll have to do for now.

Why wouldn’t Kent want such a move? Playing in the Premier League, under a famous coach who could help his development, while pocketing a good bit more cash in the process? Well, for a start, here in Ibrox he’s getting played week-in, week-out. He’s essentially one move away from the Premier League regardless, whether he goes this year and next – why not actually continue to play football and wait on say, Liverpool knocking on the door?

Consider this, game time may well be Kent’s number one concern right now. The 23 year old knows Gerard, knows the League, knows Rangers and knows the security of the situation he’s currently in. Upping sticks to Leeds is a gamble that could potentially destroy his career. I honestly don’t believe he’s ready for the PL and perhaps he doesn’t either. We’d all like to think he wants to stop the 10, but his reasoning is more likely to be grounded on the reality that his career and life is more important than all else.

In the end, despite what the media would have you believe, it’s impossible to say for certain whether he’s leaving or staying. The only final word is Stevie G who insists he’s not for sale and honestly, that’ll have to do for now. If you like all the downsides of riding a roller-coaster, but without actually having any of the thrills or fun, be my guest and try to keep up – but eventually the ride will stop and I have a funny feeling Kent will be getting off wearing royal blue.