REPORT: Rangers Closing In On Deal For Ryan Kent

With the transfer window coming closed it is reported that Rangers are closing in on a deal for Liverpool winger Ryan Kent.

The speculation has been there all Summer. After spending a great season on loan at Rangers last season, Ryan Kent has been one of their top priorities to add this Summer. For a time it looked like a deal wouldn’t materialize, as Liverpool were asking for 15 million pounds for him, well out of Rangers price range, and said they had no interest in sending him out on loan.

Steven Gerrard had all but admitted that the ball was in Liverpool’s court, Rangers wanted him back but could not afford the initial asking price.

It appears that the move could be imminent, with Rangers possibly shelling out 7 million pounds for the winger who won SPFL young player of the year last season.

The move would be a risk for Rangers, that is a huge sum of money considering where the club is supposedly at financially, but it would be the guy that Steven Gerrard has coveted all Summer long.

One does wonder how much the result against Celtic would play into the decision here. Did that cement the club’s beliefe that Kent was a needed part of the team for them to achieve their goals of winning championship number 55?

Even if it is a bit expensive, with the original asking price of £15,000,000 it would be a victory of negotiations for the club to have held out and gotten Kent at less than half of Liverpool’s original asking price.

For now we must wait and see if it actually happens.