Rangers Squeak By St. Mirren 1-0

Rangers went on the road to face St. Mirren in the Premiership and came away with a 1-0 victory off of Borna Barasic’s brilliant free-kick.

For the second time this season, Rangers faced a low-block defensive team that parked all 11 players behind the ball in the Scottish Premiership. For the second time this season, there were flashbacks to last season.

Rangers had moments of energy that created good chances, Jermaine Defoe especially will be disappointed he didn’t put one of the multiple good looks into the net, but they failed to find that moment of quality to break the deadlock.

Until Borna Barasic stepped up to a free-kick. After Jermaine Defoe was tripped up to draw a free-kick just outside of the box, the much-maligned left-back stepped up and slotted a perfect kick over the wall and into the upper corner, well out of reach of the keeper.

The goal came in the 59th minute and sent the Rangers section of the stadium into a frenzy. Barasic, who knows as well as anyone how much he has struggled in a Rangers uniform was clearly enthused as he ran into the crowd and celebrated so emphatically that he ended up getting a yellow card for his celebration.

After that, the match was essentially over. St. Mirren would threaten once but put the ball over the crossbar.

The entire match, St. Mirren was totally willing to surrender the ball to Rangers, and while they showed excellent defensive form, the reality was that they essentially gave themselves no chance to score a goal for themselves. Even after Rangers scored they didn’t really open up.

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