Rangers Face 3,000 Seat Closure for Sectarian Songs

Rangers will face a partial closure of Ibrox after UEFA have punished the club for Sectarian Songs against St. Johseph’s.

Well, here we are again. Rangers have been accused of Sectarian and/or bigoted singing and UEFA has brought down punishment. Admittedly this was a fairly soft punishment, 3,000 fans is not that significant as Ibrox will still be rocking with 47,000. But it is still a blow and a warning to the club.

The club released a very strong statement, saying that they unequivocally denounced the singing and that anyone who wants to continue doing such things, or see’s the sectarianism as an integral part of the club, are not wanted at the club anymore.

It isn’t clear exactly how much this will change, but the club should be commended for taking such a strong stance right away on the matter. They have already made a self-imposed away ticket ban to their next European match in order to show the club’s commitment to enforcing this.

The singing is a divisive subject among the fan-base, it is part of the history and culture of the club and, in the end, they are just songs. That said, I agree wholeheartedly with the club’s statements. The reality is, that even if you fully believe that the songs are harmless and shouldn’t be punished, we all know what the rules are now. If you sing those songs, you are not “sticking it to the man” or doing a service. All that will result is hurting the club you love. It’s time to put this behind the supporters.

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