Borna Barisic Deserves Top Choice Left Back

The Croatian international is not perfect, but he has proven to be the best left back on the squad.

Borna Barisic has been disappointing as a member of Rangers. There is no denying this. He was brought in from Osijek with some fanfare and high expectations, but injuries hampered his season and he struggled to secure his spot to open this season.

But after scoring the game-winner against St. Mirren and a good performance at Ibrox against Legia Warsaw, Barisic is the best left-back on the squad and he should be first choice going forwards.

For starters, Barisic is obviously more dangerous in the attacking third than the other options. Jon Flannagan is a disaster every time he tries to move forward and the fact that he isn’t even a left-sided player doesn’t help. While Andy Halliday is decent as an attacker but not as talented as Barisic.

The main question that most people have against Barisic is with his defensive play, which I actually think is unfair. Flannagan is not actually that much better as a defender, he is a classic case of mistaking activity for effectiveness. Flannagan is aggressive, but he often gets way out of position, prone to getting booked, and lacks pace. Halliday is better positioned but has similar issues.

While Barisic isn’t as gritty a defender, he positions himself better, rarely gets out of position, and has a better pace.

To me, Barisic’s biggest issue isn’t his defense, its how passive he sometimes gets on offense. He needs to be more aggressive in using his great left foot.

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